“The Disappearing Woman” in So to Speak

library-of-congressSo to Speak‘s fall issue is up online, in which I have a poem from a circus sequence I wrote last winter. Read it here.


“Tallgrass” in Fourth River

The tallgrass prairie looks tall, but its roots grow even deeper, a fact which astounds me always. I’m grateful that Fourth River Literary Journal published my poem “Tallgrass” this week on their Tributaries blog.

Image from Conservation Research Institute and Heidi Natura.

“Knot” in Camas

Yesterday, this arrived in the mail:

2015-12-19 15.36.05

Camas is a beautiful journal out of the University of Montana. They represent, to me, the intersection of ecology and art, which is where I always want to be in poetry. Their Winter 2015 issue is themed around movement.

Anyway, tucked between a David James Duncan story and a photo by Julie Biando Edwards, you’ll find a poem of mine. “Knot” is about the movement of energy and matter through time and about different kinds of knots (tangles, trees, and wedding rings).

I’m flying to the midwest today, and I’ll gladly bring this gorgeous journal with me to read while I’m moving through the air toward home.

Reading and Bellingham Review Issue 70 Release Party at Honey Moon this Saturday

This Saturday, May 16th, at the Honey Moon in Bellingham, my colleagues and I will read some of our work and celebrate Bellingham Review’s Issue 70 release. I think I’m getting nostalgic about the end of my time at Western Washington University’s MFA program so I’m looking forward to sweet mead and celebration of this culmination. Please come!

All the info you need: http://bhreview.org/2015/05/12/issue-release-party-and-literary-double-header-at-the-honey-moon